Women V-care set

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 It’s time to self-care. That means caring more for your feminine parts too. This V-care set is perfect for every woman! 
Includes: V-oil and V-Steam


V-Oil, How does it helps me?

Relief itch and irritation cause by dryness or infections.

 How do I use it?Easy to use at nighttime to give wellness to your feminine part. Apply on the vulva.
Can be used as a lubricant for sexual activity, brings softness and lubricant to interior of your vulva. 
Don’t use with condoms.

Vaginal steam, How does it help me?It relaxes the uterine muscle and relief cramps. Helps with fungus and bad odor.

How do I use it?Boil water pour in herbs and remove from heat and put a lid on the pot. Put container under slotted or holed chair or use shallow pot/pan/ in front of the toilet where you can sit on the edge of toilet and absorb the vapors. Wrap yourself up in blankets from the waist down to keep the heat contained. Sit for as long as you can (at least 20 mins). I recommend making this into a beautiful ritual complete with candles and soft, relaxing music. Give yourself time afterwards to rest for a bit and cool off.