Simple Natural Balms starts from an idea I had in 2015 to create a balm that will work as a mosquito repellent for children and adults without abrasive chemicals. After doing research and studying the possible ingredients and production methods. I decided to make a the skincare and wellness line completely organic, which is not the same as natural. I started to study organic scientific formulation and in 2016 we launched the Simple Natural Balms online with a total of 6 balsams. Now our line has over 80 products and more to come. We establish our retail shop in Mayaguez PR in 2018. Our name Simple Natural Balms comes from that first formulation I made. And there are all our products have that same base principle: Simple (few ingredients but of great impact ) Natural (ingredients that occur naturally) Balms (balm- something’s that restores, comforts or calms)